Theatre Services

Operating Suite Services

Our Operating Suite Services (theatre) operates 4 days a week with visiting surgeons from Melbourne, and anaesthetists from Bendigo, Shepparton, Kilmore and Melbourne. Please note that Seymour Health does not manage theatre waiting lists; these are managed by the visiting surgeons.

Services Theatre

Theatre offers a variety of surgery to service our town and the surrounding district.

Visiting SurgeonsFrequency
OrthopeadicsMs Anita BoecksteinerMonthly
OrthopeadicsMr Arvind JainMonthly
UrologyDr Nicholas CampbellMonthly
GastroenterologyMr David FoneMonthly
GastroenterologyDr Mark WardTwice Monthly
GynaecologyDr Medhat IliasFortnightly
General SurgeryMs Betty LaiFortnightly
DentalMr Graeme WrightMonthly
DentalDr Ilija TrajcevskiAs Required
ColorectalDr Paul SimpsonTwice Monthly
ENTDr Muthukumar SubramaniyanTwice Monthly
  • Dr Cecile Blanchot, Kilmore
  • Dr Peter Ching, Bendigo
  • Dr Uate Babitu, Bendigo
  • Dr Ali Gur, Shepparton Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr Kevin Kan, Shepparton Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr Usha Kolandaivel, Shepparton Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr Rupesh Vittalraj, Shepparton Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr Arnold Beeton, Shepparton Anaesthetic Group
  • Dr Gerard Stainsby, Melbourne
  • Dr Thurairajah Hutchinson, Melbourne
  • Dr Rodney Wilson, Bendigo
  • Dr. Richard Ranger, Melbourne

Pre-Admission Clinic

Please complete and submit the following forms before your Pre-Admission Clinic appointment:

You may send through the completed forms to:

Prior to our coming to theatre, our patients may be asked to attend the Pre-Admission clinic. We will send or call you to book an appointment approximately 7-10 days prior to your procedure to attend the Pre-Admission clinic, which operates Monday and Friday each week. This ensures the patient has had all tests and information that may be required prior to the day of surgery. Our Pre-Admission nurses will communicate with patients to ensure questions are answered regarding diet, medications and all other matters related to their surgery. Following this process helps to ensure all goes smoothly, with good outcomes.

Our Pre-Admission Clinic is run on an appointment system by Seymour Health Nursing staff to prepare you for your surgery or procedure by:

  • carrying out a health assessment and vital signs to determine your fitness for the planned procedure;
  • providing you with information about the procedure and answering of any questions you may have, and
  • planning additional services that may be required on discharge to meet your physical, social or psychological care needs

Your appointment will be held at the Ambulatory Care Centre, located on the corner of Bretonneux and Villers St Seymour in the health service precinct.

  • The Nurse will explain what is involved with your hospital stay, your recovery, length of stay in hospital and going home from hospital
  • Your vital signs will be checked, your weight recorded and you will be asked to provide details about your health and medical history
  • If further tests (i.e. heart trace – ECG, blood tests) are required, the Nurse will arrange these.

Following this assessment, the Pre-Admission Nurse may also request that you visit your Anaesthetist before surgery. The Anaesthetist will assess your fitness for surgery and anaesthesia, recommend a type of anaesthesia to suit your needs and discuss pain relief options.

For Orthopaedic Surgery, you may also be seen by the Physiotherapist on the day of your surgery who will assess your physical needs and discuss exercise, recovery and going home plan in conjunction with the Surgeon.

  • Any medications (in their original packaging if available) or puffers currently being used (or a detailed list of amounts and times taken) including herbal and over the counter products purchased from health food shops, supermarkets or pharmacies.
  • Pacemaker – type and manufacturer details (if you have one)
  • Your blood group card (if you have one)
  • Any medical letters, x-rays, or recent blood test results
  • A list of questions regarding your surgery and/or recovery
  • You may wish to have a support person (family or friend) come with you, particularly if you have hearing difficulties or a disability that makes you dependent on others for assistance.
  • Mondays from 7.30– 3.30pm
  • Friday from 7.30 – 3.30pm
  • Please allow 30 minutes for your appointment.
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Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

Our Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) operates on a daily bases to ensure all instruments have been through the correct sterilisation process prior to each procedure. We also sterilise dental instruments for the Oral Health Service clinic daily.

Day Stay Unit

All day cases are admitted to the Day Stay Unit for theatre where they are checked in for their procedure. Post operatively, patients are monitored, provided with food and fluids and when they meet the discharge criteria patients are discharged home with their nominated family or friend.