Following a further round of negative rapid antigen testing on Friday 5th August, the Local Public Health Unit has confirmed that Barrabill House Residential Aged Care Facility will be released from lockdown at midnight tonight.

To enable our staff appropriate time to prepare for re-opening following the outbreak, visitors will be welcomed back again from Sunday 7 August 2022.

Having had this recent outbreak, we are acutely aware of the presence of COVID-19 in the community and how easy it is for it to enter Barrabill House. For this reason, we again request that you do not visit if you:

– have symptoms of any respiratory or gastro illness

– have had a COVID-19 test because of symptoms

– have had contact with a COVID positive person in the past 14 days

We will also request that you complete rapid antigen testing prior to entering and wear an N95 mask during your visit. Masks and RATs will be available upon arrival at Barrabill House.

Seymour Health would like to take this opportunity to commend our staff for their fabulous work during the lockdown. Their flexibility and commitment to providing care during this time has shown that they are willing to go above and beyond, to ensure our residents continue to receive high quality care.