Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

In accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) guidelines, which is consistent with Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance Instruction 3.4.11, Seymour Health is committed to publishing its Gift, Benefit and Hospitality Policy and register on its website.

Seymour Health Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality policy is available here.

Seymour Health Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality register is available here.


Seymour Health is committed to compliance with the Department of Health mandated purchasing requirements through HealthShare Victoria (HSV). Seymour Health’s Social Procurement Strategy complies with the requirements of the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework.

Seymour Health engages with suppliers that are flexible and innovative, who take accountability, and who can help deliver real and lasting value. To effectively and efficiently procure goods and services across the organisation to obtain the best value for money and economies of scale the SH procurement activity plan is aligned to its priorities and strategies.

When sourcing goods and services from the market, Seymour Health is committed to open, fair, and transparent sourcing processes. Please click here for the Annual Procurement Activity Plan 2024-25.

For further information, please refer to the HealthShare Victoria website:

Tender Outcomes

Redevelopment of Seymour Health website awarded

Seymour Health undertook a closed market request for quote (RFQ) approach in February/March 2021 for the redevelopment of the existing organisational website. Following assessment of received quotations, TEMPUS innovative solutions was selected as the preferred supplier to undertake this project.

Key details: Project management to assist in the redevelopment of the existing organisational website including; business analysis and requirement gathering, graphic design, website development, testing, and training.

Estimated project delivery: $10,000 – $15,000.

Awarding of Contract for Barrabill House Aged Care Facility 10-bed Wing Extension

A select tender process was advertised in October 2020 for the construction of a 10-bed Aged Care Wing Extension to Barrabill House. Following tender closing and evaluation, a contract was entered into with INTREC Management P/L to undertake these works.

Key details: Demolish existing structure and construct a 10-bed dementia capable Aged Care Wing Extension, aligned to the existing Barrabill House Aged Care Facility.

Estimated Tender Contract: $3,000,000

Information for Suppliers

Procurement Activity Plan

The activity plan lists the major procurement Seymour Health is planning to undertake in the 2022-23 year, it can be found here.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Seymour Health will only engage with supplier who attest to behave in accordance with the Government’s Supplier Code of Conduct located here.

Terms & Conditions
Procurement Complaints Procedure

Seymour Health has a Procurements Complaints Procedure, which may be accessed here